The Project

The Manimals is a photo journal comprised of artwork and short character biographies collected during a public works funded Submerican odyssey…

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Say-CheeseWhen I set off to find and record unique personalities in depressed rural Submerica, I never imagined they’d make as much of an impression on me as they did.  It was a public works project, a government job meant to help me pay the bills so I could keep making “real art”…  art that I always thought meant something, but never seemed to mean enough to anyone else.

But this project wound up becoming much more than just a  J-O-B.  I thought I would travel out into the suburban landscape, snap some pics, and return home unchanged, but I was wrong. The further afield I went, the more characters I met, and the more solid the ground beneath my feet became.

When I returned to the city, I was changed.

This catalog is just a sampling of some of the untamed spirits I met along the way.  I offer it up as proof that the Submerican spirit is still alive, and very well.